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All of the archived content from my previous websites are now available on the subscription side as well as all the extra content from this website.  That is over 15,000 photos…and the older videos and diaries.  Everything I have done up until now has played a part in who I am and where I am today and my photo sets from 2002-2012 reveal many of the different changes I have been through while all the while staying True to who I am, what I do, and what I Love.  Enjoy.


Sensual Her

Embrace, Embody, Express Sensuality …. Feminine Fitness, Sexuality & Well Being


EnLove Jewelry

My handmade jewelry collection for Men, Women and couples.  I love to design my own creations to wear and to sell.



Whether its a Goddess Get2gether, FlowZensual Workshop, Expressive Photo Workshop, Guest Speaker, Hosting Event or any other type of event I am available for bookings.



The building, growth and maintenance of this website is interdependent on the amount of support it receives in a myriad of different ways.  If you are feeling it Support it!